I’m a pale and hairy construction worker, residing in the northern region of Sweden who develop games when not freezing my ass off at work.

The name’s Dave if anyone wondered for some peculiar reason, my signature ”Crumbling Cookie Software” might perhaps confuse you and lead you to believe that I’m a part of a dev. team, but that’s not the case. I’m a one-man amateur hobbyist and I intend to keep it that way, for now, atleast.

I use this blog to distribute aswell as post development logs and updates concerning the games and game assets I create.

Been developing my own games since 2012-ish, prior to that my only contact with game development was in my younger years when I created custom levels for Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and Quake, among other games. (My maps weren’t very good though so I’m making you a service by not showing them to you! 😉 )



2D Assets

3D Assets

To contact me you can either drop a comment here on the CCS website, or send me an email.