There are three player classes to choose from by default when creating a new character, each class has it’s own benefits and their own set of special abilities.

  • The Soldier, a well trained mercenary with a skill focus on brute strength makes him a large threat to the monsters in close quarters combat.
  • The Technician on the other hand, while still capable of fighting in melee combat he’s more adapted for the use of ranged weaponry and holds a better knowledge of how to use weapon plasma fuel more efficiently.
  • The Cryptic, a mysterious character with strange tattoos all over his body. He appear to have a stream of dark energy flowing through his veins and is capable of what in the old world would’ve been called magic. The Cryptic is an all-around character with a focus on defenses, most of his abilities are of ranged type but he’s not scared to engage in melee combat.

btn_square7Basic Controlsbg_wta02

Exploring the world allow you to discover new areas, monsters, items, mysteries and much more. But in order to explore it, knowing how to navigate through the maps properly is a must. The default player controls can be seen on the image to the right  img_input

When a loot has been opened by interacting with it or a monster has been slain, you can view any items that were dropped by holding the Loot-viewer key. If you see any items of interest you can collect them by pressing it’s icon

[Default Input]
 – [Hotkey: F] – Interact with the game world
 – [Hotkey: V] – Reveal all items on the ground (Key must be held down)
 – [Hotkey: LMB] – UI Action

btn_square7Combat Controlsbg_wta02

 media-2015413422 Combat is one of the core elements of Loot Burn Kill Repeat. As you explore and progress in the world you’ll encounter a vast number of creatures that will swarm around you, all with one single thing on their minds, to kill you.
To attack a monster you have the choice of using either your equiped weapon or one of your abilities, to use your weapon (or punch if you are unarmed.) you can simply press your right mouse button, and your character will perform an attack in the direction he’s facing.  img_abilityAction

If you successfully inflict damage on an enemy, the damage cast will be determined by your character’s base damage stats + any equiped weapon’s damage value. Ranged weapons usually deal more damage but required weapon plasma fuel to be fired.

[Default Input]
 – [Hotkey: RMB] – Default attack

btn_square7Combat Movementbg_wta02

When you’re attacking a monster you are not allowed to move your character however, if a melee weapon is equiped and you hold down the forward key he will attempt to take a small step forward as he attacks.

The combat in Loot Burn Kill Repeat is in a fast pace and alot of monsters are very violent so to collect and maintain health vials in your item quickbar for quick access is well recommended. You can place items and special abilities in the item quickbar by opening your inventory and clicking the item while holding down the shift key and it will be automatically moved to a free quickbar slot. To use an item in the quickbar all you have to do is to press to numerical key associated with the quickbar slot.

[Default Input]
 – [Hotkey: W,A,S,D] – Move your character
 – [Hotkey: B] – Toggle inventory window
– [Hotkey: Left Shift + LMB] – Auto-action on an item in your inventory
 – [Hotkey: 1 – 5] – Use the item or ability cached in your quickbar

btn_square7Abilities & Executionsbg_wta02

To be successful in combat you will need to use your abilities aswell in order to keep the img_abilityWindowinvading monsters at bay, to do this you can open up your Ability list, select the desired ability and pressing the ”Equip” button the ability will be moved to the quickbar and can then be activated by pressing the associated numerical key.

Abilities cost Energy to use, your character’s energy value can be identified by the blue bar on the HUD. Energy is restored by killing more monsters, and the amount of energy restored is determined by your character’s Energy Claim skill.

When you’ve dealt severe damage to an enemy there’s a chance that it will stagger, leaving an opportunity for you to execute it for an extra experience and Energy Claim multiplier reward. The monster will be highlighted in orange color, and can be executed by pressing the execution-key.
While executing a monster you are still vulnerable to other nearby monsters so doing so at the right time is vital.

[Default Input]
– [Hotkey:O] – Toggle the ability window
– [Hotkey:Z] – Execute staggered monsters
– [Hotkey: Left Shift+LMB] Auto-action on an ability in your ability list

btn_square7Heads Up Displaybg_wta02

The HUD is a bundle of UI elements that identify your character’s health an energy values, active skills, experience progress . Furthermore the HUD will notify you of mission and bounty updates, achievment completion and the condition of your gear.

img_quickbarYou will also notice a set of five empty icon slots on the lower left. This is your item quickbar in which you can place consumable items and special abilities for quick access. To do so you can open your Inventory or Ability list and press an ability or item while holding down the shift key.
In the middle of the screen you can see your current experience toward the next level, and on the right side are buttons that allow you to open some UI elements, such as the Ability List, or Inventory Window.

[Default Input]
– [Hotkey:B] – Toggle the inventory window

– [Hotkey:O] – Toggle the ability list window
– [Hotkey: Left Shift+LMB] – Auto-action on an ability in your ability list

btn_square7Character Attributesbg_wta02


img_attributesAll player character’s in Loot Burn Kill Repeat share a set of attributes that affect their power and skills. While each character has all attributes, the attributes you wish to focus on may vary depending on your prefered play style.

Some of your character’s skills will also increase in power automatically while you play, depending on what actions you do in-game. The progress toward a new skill point can be seen in the Character Profile window.


  • Focus: Improves Weapon Plasma rating, damage dealt, critical hit chance and Energy Claim bonus
  • Dexterity: Improves the character’s dodge and attack ratings, critical hit damage and Weapon Plasma rating
  • Endurance: Health and Energy values are increased by this attribute
  • Strength: Gives a large damage bonus aswell as a smaller health bonus
  • Agility: Dodge and attack rating are increased along with Energy base value and Energy Claim bonus


[Default Input]
– [Hotkey:C] – Toggle the Character profile window

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