4. Tasks

[Table of Content]
4.1.0 – Missions
4.1.1 – Challenge Missions
4.1.2 – Bounty Contracts
4.1.3 – World Events
4.1.4 – Void Rifts


btn_square74.1.0> Missionsbg_wta02

The missions are the primary form of task to complete in Loot Burn Kill Repeat. The tasks are categorized as story- and side-missions, the story missions will guide you forward through the chapters of the game while the side missions will take you deeper into the maps to solve puzzles, or face bosses and other challenges.

Most missions are given by merchants and allies from the Secure Command, your log book will notify you when a new mission is available. There are however side missions that are found in the world aswell.


Once a mission has been started it’s full description and task-list can be seen in your Mission Log.[Tab]

When you’ve completed a mission you will be rewarded with Shards, experience and occasionally items.

btn_square74.1.1> Challenge Missions


Challenge missions can be seen as a sort of mini-adventure. The task-list is often far more extended than a normal mission, the tasks may also require you to revisit locations that you’ve already explored, enter void rifts or search for unique monsters.

While these missions are more difficult in general than the regular missions, they provide better rewards and often help you unveil secret maps and areas or encounter unique monsters with exquisite loot.

btn_square74.1.2> Bounty Contractsbg_wta02

Bounties are small challenges to complete while in the combat zones. When a bounty is completed you gain Bounty Marks and Reputation that can be used to purchase booster packs from the Bounty Keeper.


Once you’ve accepted a bounty contract you can view and manage it in your Contract Log. [P]

btn_square74.1.3> World Events


As you explore the world of LBKR you will regularly bump into areas that trigger a World Event. World Events are randomized for every game session and you will face different puzzles and challenges to overcome.

When you accomplish a world event you are first and foremost rewarded with Bounty Reputation to improve your standing with the Bounty Keeper in the safe zone. Furthermore you will most likely be given access to rare chests or encounter a unique monster that have a chance to drop an exquisite item on top of that!

btn_square74.1.2> Void Rifts


When consuming the ‘Curious Organ’, dropped by the Void Walker monster, a portal will be opened to an unknown locations. These are the void rifts. Each rift bring it’s own unique challenge and there are often side-missions or world events inside the rift to overcome.

Resurrection Probes are not as common in Void Rifts as they are in the main chapters of the game, raising the difficulty to complete a rift as monsters and traps in these maps are often far more powerful than ones faced in the main storyline. On the other hand, completing a void rift will always give you a chance to loot exquisite gear.


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