The missions are the primary form of task to complete in Loot Burn Kill Repeat. The tasks are categorized as story- and side-missions, the story missions will guide you forward through the chapters of the game while the side missions will take you deeper into the maps to solve puzzles, or face bosses and other challenges.

Most missions are given by merchants and allies from the Secure Command, your log book will notify you when a new mission is available. There are however side missions that are found in the world aswell.

Once a mission has been received it’s full description and current task can be seen in your Mission Log.
When you’ve completed a mission you will be rewarded with Shards, experience and occasionally random items.

[Default Input]
– [Hotkey:Tab] – Toggle the mission window


Bounties are small challenges to complete while in the combat zones. When a bounty is completed you will receive no shards, items or experience as with missions, instead you will gain Bounty Marks and reputation that can be used to purchase better gear from the Bounty Keeper in Secure Command.
Once you’ve taken a bounty contract you can view and manage it in your Mission Log

[Bounty Contracts]
– Target: Slay a specific Unique monster
– Survey: Complete multiple or one specific world event
– Dreadnought: Slay monsters with critical hits
– Specialist: Slay monsters with a specified weapon type
– Chemistry: Slay monsters with a specified elemental damage
– Bully: Deal a specified amount of damage
– Hangman: Execute severely wounded monsters
– Gathering: Collect a specified item from monsters you kill
– Massacre: Kill a large number of monsters of any type
– Cutting Ranks: Kill high-ranking monsters
– Cleansing: Kill monsters of a specified type
– Head of the Snake: Slay all high-ranking monsters in the specified map
– Void: Slay Forsaken creatures, accomplish void rifts and other Forsaken-specific stuff

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