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There are alot of objects that you can interact with in the game world, everything from simple doors and buttons to more interesting objects like the Marker.

btn_square7Map Access Pointsbg_wta02

bg_zonePortalAlso known as ”Zone Portals”, are the objects that allow you to travel between different maps without using the Travel Station in the Secure Command.
The zone portals have their own special interface instead of the default interaction icon, that display more map-specific information such as to where the portal will take you and the amount of monsters that are still alive on the current map.

btn_square7Resurrection Probesbg_wta02

bg_resProbeWhen your character is killed by a monster or trap you will be faced with a dialog box that by default only tell you that you have to return to the Secure Command in order to be resurrected. In case you get tired of this you should know that by activating resurrection probes out in the combat zones you are also allowed to resurrect in the same map you were killed instantly after death. You will lose more experience and gear durability this way but is less frustrating.

Resurrection probes are automatically activated once you step on them.

btn_square7Loot, Stash & Rare Chestsbg_wta02

img_lootingThe IGCC station is filled with various objects that contain items, these objects are called Loot. When interacting with the object it will reveal any items stashed inside, allowing you to collect them. The contents of the loot are generated procedurally and can vary in usefulness alot.

By exploring the maps you can also discover rare chests, such a chest can be easily identified by the glowing sparkles that leak out from it. A rare chest generally generated more Shards and items of higher rarity ranking than regular loot.

You also have access to your very own stash in Secure Command. It’s a special chest in which you can store items that you wish to save for later use but don’t want to keep in your inventory for the time beeing.

btn_square7Travel Stationbg_wta02

bg_travelStationBy using the travel station you can quickly travel to any discovered location on the IGCC station. The station’s interface will also show you if there are missions or bounty contracts to complete at the target destination.

Using the Travel Station cost neither Shards nor

btn_square7Artifact 43: The Markerbg_wta02

bg_markerArtifact 43 are a series of objects that were discovered on the planet by IGCC’s excavation crew, the objects later came to be called ”Markers” as they are believed to have a religiously symbolic purpose by whatever alien species who constructed them.

By destroying a Marker you will receive a passive modifier that temporarily increase your character’s power.

[Marker Effects]
– Explorer: Your Rare Item Find chance skill value will be increased
– Lateral Field: A shield surround you that will stop incoming projectiles
– Lettered: You will receive more experience when killing monsters
– Vexed: Your damage skills are increased
– Pharmaceutics: Your character’s Health is restored to it’s max value
– Energizer: Your character’s Energy is restored to it’s max value
– Souleater: Increases the amount of Energy claimed when killing monsters
– Tetragon Fuel: Your Plasma Fuel capacity is increased by 400% and restored to it’s max value
– Trigon Armor: Your Armor Rating is increased by 300%
– Hexagon Bustle: Your character’s movement speed is increased by 600%


img_destructiblesThere are lots of objects in the world that will break when damage is inflicted on them, while most won’t have any effect on it’s surroundings, some will explode or in other ways harm any creatures that are nearby. Explosive objects can be useful in combat but should be handled with care since they will damage you aswell if you are close enough.

btn_square7Void Portalsbg_wta02

The void portal is a special Zone Portal that will take you to hidden worlds that hold greater challenges, mysteries, monsters and better loot.


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