Combat is one of the core elements of Loot Burn Kill Repeat. As you explore and progress in the world you’ll encounter a vast number of creatures that will swarm around you, all with one single thing on their minds, to kill you.

Gameplay>Basics, don’t miss out on combat controls and basic combat functions in this section.

btn_square7Vitals / Resourcesbg_wta02

There are a couple of vital resources in LBKR to keep track of, they can easily be identified in the HUD by the bars in the lower left and gives a visual representation of the current state of your character.

– Health
: (red meter)will display your current health value
– Energy
: (blue meter)display the amount of energy you have remaining, energy is required to cast Abilities
Plasma: (green meter) show your current weapon plasma value, plasma is required to fire ranged weapons

btn_square7Attacking Monstersbg_wta02

bg_combatEven when you use the same attack or weapon to attack a monster you won’t always deal the same amount of damage. Every attack will randomly draw a damage number that’s calculated by your Damage skills value and the damage variety range of your equiped weapon. The weapon’s damage value are included aswell however, this value is set as a buff on your Damage skill.

Something worth to mention is that some monster attacks fire slow-moving projectiles toward your character, such attacks aswell as environmental traps can be evaded by pressing the left Shift key on your keyboard while holding down one of the motion-keys [W, A, S, D, by default]

[Default Input]
– [Hotkey: W, A, S, D] – Move your character through the game world
– [Hotkey: RMB] – Attack with your fists / equiped weapon

 – [Hotkey: Left Shift] – Evade incoming attacks

btn_square7Elemental Damage Typesbg_wta02

There are four types of elemental damage types in LBKR that will enhance the inflicted damage with various effects. All character’s in the world have different resistances to different elements, and are weaker to some elements so the use of elemental damage can prove quite useful.


 – Frost: is a damage type that may freeze or slow your enemies movement and actions
 – Shock: The shock elemental can stun the victim of an attack and sometimes also bounce away from the monster that was hit, dealing damage to nearby creatures aswell
 – Poison: elemental type usually cause damage over time, there’s also a chance that the monsters armor rating is decreased due to the toxics
 – Fire: Abilities and weapons that deal fire damage usually cause damage in a slightly larger Area of Effect, and can also ignite monsters that were hit and inflict damage over time

btn_square7Damage Effectsbg_wta02

Additional to the elemental damage types there are various damage effects that are applied depending on active ability enhancements, markers and item modifiers. The effects have more specialized properties to aid the attack caster.

[Damage Effects]
 – Damage over Time(DoT): The attack will inflict a smaller damage value each second for a specified amount of time
 – Bleed: The attack has a chance to inflict a severe wound that will cause physical damage over time endlessly until the monster has died. This effect is most likely to strike monsters, but if the player is under it’s effect the effect will only last for a few seconds.
 – Life Steal: The attack will steal a small portion of the inflicted damage and restore it as health to the attack caster.
 – Knockback: The victim of the attack will be thrown back a certain distance and suffer a mini-stun
 – Stun: The victim will be immobilized for a short duration
 – Freeze: Character’s hit by the attack can freeze solid and also takes Frost DoT until broken free from the ice prison
 – Area of Effect(AoE): Damage is inflicted to all targets that are within range of the attacks impact point
 – Slow: Any monster hit may be have it’s attack speed and move speed temporarily reduced

btn_square7Experience & Levelsbg_wta02

Killing monsters, completing missions and making progress in general is rewarded with experience for your character. When enough experience has been gained your character will increase in level and receive new attribute and ability points that can be used to improve your characters properties  img_ding
 img_attributes The attribute points can be assigned to an attribute of your choice from the Character profile window and the ability point can either improve and existing ability or unlock a new ability or Ability Enhancement

The character’s abilities are unlocked when you reach a certain level, and to unlock further enhancements of the ability you must increase it’s tier rating, this is done by assigning your ability point to the ability.

btn_square7Experience Modifiersbg_wta02

Throughout the game you will receive various experience modifiers, either by unlocking Item Modifiers with crafting Materials, or by completing certain challenges in combat that are always tracked during the game session.

[Combat Challenges]
 – Multikill: This modifier is used on the xp gain value when you manage to slay 3 or more monsters at the same time. The modifier value is determined by the kill count.
 – Kill-streak: This modifier will be applied if you manage to kill multiple monsters, each and one within a short time-span.
 – Execution: The execution primarily multiplies your Energy Claim bonus but also offer a small xp gain modifier

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