About me


I’m a pale and hairy construction worker, residing in the northern region of Sweden with game development as one of my greatest hobbies. I’ve been hooked on game development since sometime around 2002 or 2003 when I first discovered the level editor for Half-Life, although it took me until 2012-ish before I learned coding, modeling and texturing. Decided to learn how to cover all fields and begin developing my entirely own game.

It probably took another year or two until I began work on LBKR and had the final concept set.


The name’s Dave if anyone wondered, my surname on the other hand would probably give anyone not from Scandinavia a minor headache to read and remember so just for the simplicity of things I’ve begun adding the signature ”Crumblin’ Cookie Software” to my games and artwork. I suppose that name sort of makes it sound as if I have a development team but such is not the case, I’m a one-man team and I intend to keep it like that, atleast for now.


To contact me you can either drop a comment here on the LBKR website, CCG web or send me an email.



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