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The most common currency in LBKR are called Shards, the shards are used in most trades and services and can be found in the world and looted from dead monsters.

Bounty Marksbg_wta01

The bounty mark is a token you will receive in reward when completing a Bounty Contract. The tokens are used to purchase bounty-rated (special) gear from the Bounty Keeper that usually are alot more powerful than the common gear that can be found out in the game world.

Crafting Materialsbg_wta01

Materials are used to unlock Item Modifiers for your Gear. All materials can be found in the game world and looted of dead monsters however the most rare on, the Void Crystal, can only be dropped by rare chests, bosses, and monsters of master-ranking. Below is a list of materials that you can obtain in the game, ranging from most common to the rarest.

  • Spare_Parts
  • Augmented Alloy
  • Spore Composite
  • Brooding Essence
  • Void Crystal

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