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The gear you aquire and use in Loot Burn Kill Repeat is separated into two categorise, Armors and Weapons. Gear can, just like other Items, be found by looting corpses and World Objects or purchased from Merchants.

Gear of higher Rarity Ranking has a chance to receive passive Item Modifiers that can bg_modifiersimprove the item’s properties aswell as boost your character’s skills and attributes. In order to activate the modifiers you must unlock them with Materials that can be found in the game world. When a modifier has been unlocked you will receive it’s benefits for as long as the item is equiped.

Gear is a type of item that is procedurally generated during the game session, so even if you find the same item twice it will most likely not have the same item properties as the last time.


Different armor pieces are used in order to protect your character from attackers, there are a total of six armor types with three different Armor Weight Classes (AWC). The higher AWC value the more penalty you will receive to your movement speed, but the heavier armor pieces usually have better defenses opposed to light weight armor pieces that have less defense rating but might boost your character’s agility.

Armor Types

  • Chest plates
  • Leg protection
  • Helmets
  • Shoulder Guards
  • Gloves
  • Shields


In order to conquer the battlefield it’s obvious that you require weaponry. The weapons you can find in the world are quite varied, everything from crowbars, and plasma swords to laser and plasma guns… well even lolipops and medieval axes that for some reason have found their way to the station.

Two-handed weapons deal alot more damage than one-handed weapons and also gives a bonus to your Critical Hit damage skill, but on the other hand one-handed weapons usually have a faster attack speed. An exception would be the ranged weapons for which the size of the weapon has less impact on it’s attack speed.

img_rangedTwo-handed ranged weapons will instead require more Plasma Fuel to be fired, but still deals more damage than the one-handed ranged weapons, while the one-handed weapons are more Plasma Fuel efficient.

One-handed weapons usually deal less damage than two handed weapons but allow the player to attack at a faster rate. If the one-handed weapon is of ranged type it will also require less Plasma Fuel to fire

For ranged weapons there are several types of projectiles with different behaviour and effects.

>Projectile Types

  • Simple: The simple projectiles are most common in handguns, the projectile will be shot in a straight line and stops on impact, dealing damage to a single target
  • Bouncer: These rather large projectiles will bounce on any surface it hits until it either expires or hit a monster.
  • Ray: Ray weapons will damage any creature that enter the projectile. An example of a ray weapon is the Flame thrower
  • Shell: Shell projectiles are shot in a straight line just as the Simple projectile however, these awesome stuff will explode on impact and deal damage to anyone inside the area of effect
  • Sticker: Another explosive projectile, this projectile type will stick to whatever it hit but the detonation is slightly delayed.
  • Flak: This projectile is quite similar to the Shell projectile, however these are fired in an arch and move slower, but the impact’s area of effect is usually larger than the impact of a Shell projectile

You can read more about how to use weapons in the Combat page.


>Info on Runes are coming soon…


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