Items & Loot>Inventory

>The Inventory UI Window display both your currently equiped Gear aswell as any items and treasures you’ve collected in your last visit to the combat zones. You’re only allowed to carry 20 items (Gear and stacked consumables excluded) simultaneously though so managing the inventory and it’s content from time to time could be worth the time.

Inventory Managementbg_wta01

img_inventoryWindowThe inventory panel is built up with two wide fields, the lower field is where all loot will be put when it’s been collected, while the uper field will display a description of a selected item’s properties and tooltip.

By clicking an item in the lower field it will be selected, do note that three buttons appear in the selection view aswell, ”Equip”(Hotkey: Left Shift+LMB), ”Holster” and ”Drop”(Hotkey: Left Ctrl+LMB). These are action buttons that allow you to manage the item inside the inventory, you can also use the action hotkeys.

Some Gear of higher rarity rankings that you collect will have one or more Item Modifiers available to unlock. You can read more about it in the Item Modifiers page.

Holstering a Weaponbg_wta01

Some items are possible to perform a holster action on, weapons for example can be holstered in a special gear slot that will allow you to quickly swap between the holstered and equiped weapon in combat (Hotkey:Space). This way, if your character is melee-focused but encounter a powerful monster that deal far too much damage you can use the holster slot for a ranged weapon and swap to it in order to keep some distance to the monster.

Another example are the Consumable item’s which are placed the first free slot in your Item Quickbar when holstered.

Resource Fieldbg_wta01

At the very bottom of your inventory panel there are a number of icons that display the current amount of your resources (Plasma Fuel and Bounty marks excluded). Left to right icon representation is:

  • Shards (Currency)
  • Spare Parts (Material)
  • Augmented Alloys (Material)
  • Spore Composite (Material)
  • Brooding Essence (Material)
  • Void Crystals (Material)

>Equipment Panel

To the far left of your Inventory Window there’s a tall, standing panel. This is your equipment display that show any Gear that’s equiped aswell as your holstered weapon. You can manage these items the same way you do with items in your inventory. In the middle of the window you can view how your characters appearance is affected by your current equipment.

>Common Stats Display

Below the Equipment panel you can see the CSD, or Common Stats Display. These are a set of character skills and statistics that are commonly modified by equipment, you are able to view these in the Character Profile (Hotkey: C) window aswell.

>CSD Statistics

  • Armor Rating
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Adjusted Damage value: (Your character’s damage skill value + equiped weapons damage property)
  • Attack Speed
  • Armor Penetration: Determines the percent of damage you inflict that will completely ignore an opponents armor and block ratings

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