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7. Item Modifiers

[Table of Content]
7.1.0 – Modifier Generation
  7.1.1 – Exquisite Modifier
  7.1.2 – Unlocking a Modifier
  7.2.1 – Passive Modifiers List
  7.2.2 – Combat Modifiers List
  7.2.3 – Exquisite Modifiers List

An Item Modifier is a passive bonus that you are allowed to benefit from if you unlock it. Only Gear can aquire modifiers, but you won’t find them in all gear even though they are common in items with higher Rarity Ranking.

Once a modifier is unlocked it will stay active for as long as the item it belong to is equiped.

btn_square77.1.0> Modifier Generation


The amount of modifiers per item is determined by the Rarity ranking of said item, Common loot are not able to generate modifiers, however each step up in the Rarity rankings give a chance of one additional mod as can be seen in the list below. An exception to this rule are items of Exquisite rating though, these items will share the modifier capacity of mythical items.

  • Common: No modifiers
  • Enhanced: 0 – 1 modifiers
  • Rare: 0 – 2 modifiers
  • Epic: 0 – 3 modifiers
  • Mythical: 0 – 4 modifiers
  • Exquisite: 0 – 4 modifiers + 1 unique super-modifier

Each modifier is picked by random from the Item Modifier library and receives the same Tier ranking as the item it will be attached to, the tier will determine the power of the modifier’s effect. At this time the modifier will also receive various material requirements that must be met in order to unlock the item. The better Rarity ranking the modifier’s item has the more materials will be required. All mythical items require atleast some Void Crystals to unlock it’s modifiers, Void Crystals can only be found as Master-monster/Boss and rare chest drops so exploring the world is recommended.

btn_square77.1.1> Exquisite Modifier


The most rare items (Exquisite rarity rating) hold one additional modifier known as the exquisite modifier or super modifier. Unlike the common item modifiers this one can’t be purchased but is rather unlocked by itself when the player has purchased all common modifiers of the item it is attached to.

The exquisite modifiers are more specific than common mods, and usually provide both a far better bonus to the player character and most often comes with an active effect that provide a great boost for the player in combat.

btn_square77.1.2> Unlocking a Modifier


ui10_inventoryTo unlock an Item Modifier you will have to select the item in the Inventory Window, all items with modifier slots to be unlocked can be identified by the small arrows on the item’s icon. When the item has been selected you will notice a square button with the same Arrow Icon in the selection view, if you hover above the icon with your mouse cursor a tooltip will be displayed with a green text that identify the effect the modifier has on your equipment or character. If the modifier is still not unlocked a red text will be displayed below the Effect Tooltip to notify you on any materials required to unlock it.

If you do meet the material requirements you can simply press the modifier icon and you will receive it’s effects in exchange for said amount of materials, you will notice that the icon’s background is filled with a yellow color once unlocked.


btn_square77.2.0> Passive Modifier List


The common modifiers are placed in two categories, Affixes and Suffixes. The Affix type will modify either the properties of your item or have an effect on your character’s Skill, Vital Resources or Attributes while the Suffixes will add a combat action.

  • Collector’s: Rare Item Find chance will be increased
  • Resourceful: Your character’s Plasma Fuel capacity benefit from this mod
  • Enduring: Increase the base value of your Endurance attribute
  • Forceful: Increase the base value of your Strength attribute
  • Lightweight: Increase the base value of your Agility attribute
  • Cushy: Increase the base value of your Dexterity attribute
  • Focused: Increase the base value of your Focus attribute
  • The Agile’s: Your Dodge rating is increased
  • Coated: Additional armor rating is provided when the item is equiped
  • Fortunate: Small bonus to your Critical Hit Chance skill value
  • Enforcer’s: Your character’s base Damage value benefit
  • Marksman’s: Attack Rating bonus that makes it more likely for your attacks to hit your targets
  • Ember Coated: You will have better resistance against Fire enhanced attacks
  • Toxic Coated: Your Poison Resistance is increased
  • Frosty: Greater Frost Resistance is provided
  • Tense: Your Shock Resistance is increased
  • Journeyman’s: All experience you gain are multiplied
  • Claiming: You will claim more Energy when a monster is killed
  • Veteran: Critical Hit Damage value is increased
  • Healthy: Your Health capacity is increased
  • Piercer: Boosts your armor penetration rating
  • Cooling: Reduce the cooldown for all of your abilities
  • Shurikane: Chance to cast a shuriken if taking damage (Cryptic Only)
  • Flame Rooted: Entangle inflicts burn damage at the target point (Cryptic Only)
  • Greed: Increases the amount of shards that are dropped by monsters
  • Contractor: Killing monsters generates bounty reputation points
  • Chained: Chain Strike may hit up to two additional targets per strike (Cryptic Only)
  • Demonic: Erupt will summon 2 demons when cast (Soldier only)
  • Stung: Stinger inflicts additional damage (Tech Only)
  • Puppet Master: Increases the damage inflicted by your summoned minions
  • Impaler: Provides a chance that the opponent will be stunned for a short while when attacked

btn_square77.2.1> Combat Modifiers List


  • of the Painbringer: When you attack your weapon’s damage will be cast twice in the same blow
  • of Reflection: There’s a chance that any damage you receive is reflected back onto the attacker
  • of Mending: Your health is continuously regenerated
  • of the Sufficient: There’s a chance that your Plasma Fuel is restored when killing monsters with this modifier activated
  • of the Parasite: You will receive a small portion of health each time a monster is killed
  • of Suffering: Each attack you cast has a chance to deal DoT Damage Effect
  • of Boom: Each attack you deal will cause an explosion that deal damage to all monster inside the Area of Effect
  • of the Stubbed: Each attack you cast has a chance to knock back your opponents

btn_square77.2.2> Exquisite Modifiers List


  • Burst: Ranged weapons will fire additional projectiles
  • Health Regenerator: Health regenerates over time
  • Energy Regenerator: Energy Regenerates over time
  • Mob Exploder: Monsters sometimes explode when killed by the player, inflicting damage to nearby monster
  • Pillar of Light: Hit monsters might turn into a pillar of light and will shoot lightning bolts on nearby enemies
  • Crit. Stacker: Critical hit kills are stacked for a period of time, when Crit.Hit Stacker reaches it’s apex or is reset due to a time out the player’s next attack will inflict massive bonus damage determined by how many crit-hit. kills were stacked.
  • Shield: The shield absorbs all damage while active and intact. If the shield is broken it will restore itself after some delay
  • Chain Lightning: Might shoot lightning bolts on nearby monsters when attacking.
  • Multifrag Healer: When rewarded with a multikill bonus, health will be restored to your character
  • Toxic Dispenser: Volatile gases surround the player, inflicting damage to nearby monsters
  • Sacrifice: Degenerates health over time, when a total of 100% of the player’s health has been drained a powerful minion is summoned
  • Torment: Damage inflicting aura
  • Head Hunter: Provides a chance that exquisite item drop by killing random powerful monsters
  • Feet Streak: Kill streak bonuses will increase the move speed for a short while
  • Blood Gift: 5% chance to summon a demon when a monster is killed
  • Authority: Officers killed by the player explode in a frost cloud, with a chance to freeze nearby monsters
  • Nova: When taking poison damage there’s a 20% chance to cause an explosive nova that deal 150% of the equiped weapon’s damage as Fire DMG to nearby monsters
  • Teeth: Chance that teeth projectiles are cast in all directions when the player receives damage
  • Necroiaculat: Whenever a monster is killed there’s a chance that projectiles will be cast from it’s corpse in a random direction
  • Blaze: A trail of fire remain in the player’s tracks
  • Explopoly: Monsters die in an explosion of shards
  • Rainbows: Monsters that are hit by the weapon might be transformed into unicorns
  • Meat Cluster: Projectiles shatter on impact and fire multiple bonus projectiles from it’s point of impact
  • Hat-Fuu: Damage is increased by X% when using melee weapons
  • Slippery: A trail of grease & fish oil is left by the player, the trail is highly flammable but the weapon is also really slippery and wet, therefore it might be dropped randomly.
  • Illuminate: Your energy is fully restored when a monster is killed
  • Ominous: Ominous pulses are emitted at regular intervals, striking fear into nearby monsters
  • Underdog: While below 25% of health, all attacks are guaranteed critical hits

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