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5. Items

[Table of Content]
5.1.0 – Consumables
5.1.1 – Mission Bound Items
5.1.2 – Logs & Lore
5.1.3 – Item Rarity
5.1.4 – Item Types

btn_square76.1.0> Consumables


Consumable items usually come in the form of a resource booster like the Health vial. When consumed a specified amount of the target resource will be restored to your character, you can consume the item either from the Inventory Window [B] or the Item Quickbar if you’ve placed it in one of the quickbar slots.

The Plasma Fuel consumable will be automatically collected and consumed when your character approach the item in the game world, but most consumables are stored in your inventory and require manual activation

There are also some consumables that function as keys to secret areas or certain map sections.

btn_square75.1.1> Mission Bound Items


Mission bound items are special items that are only useful for completing certain mission objectives. Most of these items are stacked in your inventory’s sub-category ”Mission Items” and will be removed automaticly once their purpose is fulfilled.

btn_square75.1.2> Logs & Lore


There are alot of logs, com. signals and other lore to collect in the world of LBKR. These items contain background info and story that can be read once collected. To read a log you must open the Log UI panel. [J]

In addition to logs there’s also a chance to find Monster Samples when killing monsters, the samples will add monster descriptions and data to your Beastiery which can also be read with your Log panel.

btn_square75.1.3> Item Rarity


When items drop from killed monsters or loot in the world some items might receive a higher rarity ranking, greatly increasing their powers and properties. The likelihood of higher rarity ranked items to drop is determined by your characters Rare Item Find chance (RIF)skill, more powerful monsters also give a bonus to the RIF value, this gives you a greater chance of receiving better gear when defeating better opponents.

>Rarity Rankings

  • Common: The most basic items and gear are of common ranking, they hold no benefits
  • Enhanced: Enhanced items are identified by their green icon background, the items will have small property bonuses attached
  • Rare: Identified with a blue icon background, these items are usually pretty useful and can hold both modifiers and property bonuses
  • Epic: The epics are marked with a yellow background and provide a proper bonus to properties and may come with up to 3 modifiers
  • Mythical: Mythical items are the most rare item you can find in loot and dead monsters. The Mythical’s are powerful items that provide good bonuses and up to 4 modifiers. These items can be identified by their brown background.
  • Exquisite: This is a special item type reserved for unique items and are the most powerful you will find, they can only be found by completing certain mysteries or other tasks, also some unique and rare monsters or merchants may have exquisite items in their belonging

btn_square75.1.4> Item Types


  • Armors (see Gear)
  • Runes (see Gear)
  • Consumables
  • Weapons (see Gear)
  • Log books
  • Mission Items
  • World Items (see World Items)
  • Keys

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