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An important aspect of Loot Burn Kill Repeat is to keep looking for better equipment that can aid you in your battle against the monsters that are lurking everywhere you look.

In order to make it feel rewarding to find loot and to keep the items (and gameplay for that matter) varied it relies heavily on randomization and procedural generation events when the item is created.

Gear Generationbg_wta01

Gear in Loot Burn Kill Repeat are generated with randomized property values that are finalized by modifying the generated properties depending on a number of arguments that the item must pass through before dropping.

The arguments passed to the gear depend on wheter it is of Armor type or Weapon type, but to set an example let’s say a weapon is beeing generated.

The weapon will first be assigned with an item Tier Ranking that identify how powerful the item is relative to other items. The Tier Ranking will be calculated depending on the level of the killed monster, or by random within a range calculated by your character’s level if you open a loot object. The gear will then receive random values to it’s Item Properties that are adjusted by the Tier Ranking.
After the initial step the item will now begin passing a number of arguments that will have impact on the properties end result, an example of such arguments are the Item Condition and Weapon Size.

>Item Conditions

  • Damaged: The item properties will be decreased alot
  • Weak: A slight decrease of the item’s properties
  • Average: The properties will not be modified by this condition
  • Good: A slight increase of the item’s properties
  • Excellent: A large increase of the item’s properties

>Weapon Sizes

  • One-handed Melee: Slight changes can be made to the properties by random
  • One-handed Ranged: A moderate decrease to the Plasma Fuel cost will be made
  • Two-handed Melee: Damage properties are increased alot while attack speed and attack ratings are decreased
  • Two-handed Ranged: Plasma Fuel cost and Damage properties are increased

And then there are many more arguments that the item pass through that further modify the item

A dice roll will now be made to see what Item Rarity will be assigned to the item, the outcome is determined by your character’s Rare Item Find chance skill value, you will receive an extra benefit to the Rare Item Find chance if the monster you kill has a high Hierarchical Ranking or the loot you open is a rare chest. The item properties will then be increased if the Rarity Ranking is greater than Common, there’s also a chance to more rare items will receive Item Modifiers.

Modifier Generationbg_wta01

If the item gets a high Rarity Ranking there’s a chance that 1 – 4 passive Item Modifiers are attached to it before it is dropped in the game world. All items have restrictions on what modifiers they are allowed to have, but the modifiers attached are picked by random from the allowed modifier types. Do note that item’s of Exquisite rarity ranking will always have 4 modifiers some of which can be unique and only available for that item.
Before the item’s modifier list is attached material requirements are calculated for each mod. The amount of materials aswell as the amount of each material type that will be required to unlock the modifier are decided by the Tier Ranking and Rarity Ranking of the item. Higher Rarity Ranking will require better materials to unlock, while higher Tier Ranking will increase the amount of material that is required.

Simple Item Generationbg_wta01

Some item’s of Loot Burn Kill Repeat have no use of the dynamic adjustments made to gear, example of such items are Health Vials or Plasma Fuel.

These items are generated in a much more simple manner with a pre-defined set of properties that are only modified by the items Tier Ranking. Simple items have no possability to receive higher Rarity Ranking than Common


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