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Luckily you are not the only survivor of the chaos that has occured on the IGCC station, thanks to a message left by the weird medic Doc you managed to locate the other survivors in the Secure Command. Alot of the survivors offer you their services and any items they have in their belonging… if you have enough Shards for them that is.


There are a number of services available for you in the Secure Command, ranging from medical supplies, Gear, Bounty contracts but also Missions. If your current equipment broke during your last adventure you can also repair it at the Gear merchant.

The gear in the merchant’s stock is randomly generated and varies in condition and rarity, with some luck you can find quite good items from his shop.

The Bounty Keeper is a special merchant, he won’t sell his items to anyone who has not proven to be a proper Bounty hunter. By completing his challenges you are rewarded Bounty marks and reputation that is required to make a purchase from him.

The items in his stock are generally much more powerful than ordinary gear and never in poor condition.


  • Doc: You can buy health vials and item repair kits from Doc
  • Bounty Keeper: The bounty keeper offer you contracts to complete in return for tokens that you can use to purchase Bounty Gear in his shop
  • Archeologist: He’s an expert when it comes to ancient artifacts and puzzles, although his services are limited he will still help you identify rare objects with unknown functionalities and also offer you access to any Forsaken Voids that you have discovered
  • Merchant: You can purchase armor pieces and weaponry from the merchant’s shop aswell as repair damaged items in your belonging.

Wandering Merchantsbg_wta01

Apart from your allies at the Secure Command you can from time to time stumble upon merchants of mysterious origin that roam the maps or troubled merchants who’ve been trapped or cornered by vicious monsters in the combat zones.

The wandering merchants usually have better gear in their stocks, and alot of them even have unique or exquisite items. Some of them did unfortunately not have time to scramble all their stuff before trying to escape the monsters but will instead offer their unique services to you.


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