Items & Loot>World Items

Some items you find aren’t possible to store in your inventory, these items usually have no purpose on any other map than the one you find them in and therefore also categorized as world items.

When you collect a world item it will be carried on your character’s back until you drop it, if you find the item’s Drop point it will be automatically dropped and whatever action it will make is triggered.

Item Interactionsbg_wta01

img_itemMarkerUnlike regular items, the world items are collected by pressing your action key(Hotkey: F)when looking at the item. Just as with World Objects the item will be highlighted and an interaction hint will be shown on screen when you can pick it up.

A second Destination Indicator will appear in a green color, below your character that point in the direction of the target Drop point.
Drop Manually

If you for some reason do not wish to carry the item any longer you can easily drop it by pressing the G-key on your keyboard.


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