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What are the Forsaken?bg_wta01

The planet Sindre were long ago inhabited by a civilization called the Forsaken, they were intelligent creatures that had advanced social and hierarchical standings, schools and administrative service aswell as industrialized farming. They even had a fully-fledged alphabet and religious beliefs.

May it’ve been due to atmospherical changes on the planet’s surface, a plague or starvation noone knows for sure but one thing seem certain, they are no longer on Sindre… or could these creatures still thrive in the shadows, deep down in the natural caves and cracks of the planet?

At almost every excavation site on Sindre the archeologists have unveiled ancient ruins and structures, a solid proof of intelligent lifeforms inhabiting the planet once upon a time. No living speciemen of these creatures have ever been found by the IGEU crews and most structures show signs of beeing ancient and beeing unused for perhaps several hundreds of years, if not thousands. As the civilization seem to have vanished they were early named the ”Forsaken”, primarily due to the most common theory that some sort of major catastrophy or incident occured on the planet that either killed all of these creatures in some kind of plague or forced them to find new planets to live on.

-Excerpt from ”The Forsaken Encounter

The Voidbg_wta01


A Forsaken Void Rift is an unknown area to which your character will be teleported to once you enter a Void Portal. The portals are holes in space and time, usually summoned by a Forsaken creature, that allow instant access between distant worlds.

All Forsaken beeings have the ability to walk across worlds as they wish but there are also some cases of Spore Mutants with far evolved organs that grants them this same ability.

The voids are usually 1 – 3 maps long mini-adventures that are packed with action, more powerful monsters, loot and are usually rigged as a challenge. Resurrection Probes are not as common in a void as they are onboard the IGCC station.

Accessing the Voidbg_wta01

img_voidPortalIn order to access the void rift maps you must find a key to summon a portal, these keys are unique items that can only be attained by killing the rare monster called Void Walker, although the Archeologist can usually reproduce portal summoning rituals to voids that you have visited atleast once already, but he will require you to provide him with alot of resources and Shards in order to do so.


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