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The MPFbg_wta01

The InterGlobe Colonization Corporate. sx4-Multi Purpose Facility ( or IGCC MPF ) is a station deployed by IGCC on the (fictionary)planet (410143)Sindre, where Loot Burn Kill Repeat’s main story line takes place.

The station has a vast number of divisions/branches ranging from Medical and Research facilities to Crew Quarters and maintenance, the story path will take you through five chapters, as you progress to a new chapter you will be introduced to a new facility but alot of side missions, challenges or random exploration will lead you to discover more facilities and areas even outside the station, to neighbouring stations and even other mysterious worlds.


As the name implies the purpose of the MPF’s crew are many but the main goal is to make it possible to colonize the planet Sindre and also to extract resources from the planets core aswell as surface.


  • Medical/Research Labs
  • Oxygen Production & Processing
  • Station Maintenance
  • Crew Quarters
  • Bridge & Logistics COMCON
  • The Wildlands
  • Caverns
  • Highlands / Desola Station
  • The hive
  • The heart of Sindre


  • Armory, Security & Surveillance
  • Cargo Bay
  • Tram Network

The IGCCbg_wta01

dec_logoThe InterGlobe Colonization Corporate was formed near the end of the planet Earth, they were originally a small task force of leading scientists that tried to figure out ways to make other planets habitable in hope of saving mankind from the disasters of Earth. Despite their lack of time they did manage to save more lives than what was expected.

The task force maintained a key role in the aftermath of the Earth in order to continue the maintenance of the new colonies and habitable zones established on Mars and worked directly under the Mars Governements directives for several decades however the task force was later acquisitioned by private interest.

The first colony was placed on Mars, and by the time it was fully functional and the remaining mankind had been transported to live there the TF10-2 task force required far more personell to maintain the station, it would have been extremely expensive for the Mars governement and there weren’t many people in their ranks that they could offer. Although, there were public interests involved in this and in the end the governement was offered a large
amount of credits for the staff of TF10-2, aswell as the future maintenance of the colony. An offer not possible to refuse, the maintenance was taken over by Greg Labeur.
The TF10-2 hired thousands of people over the coming years, all over Mars, and soon came to be the biggest corporate on the planet. Apart from maintenance of the colony, TF10-2’s scientists and engineers developed more effective ways to produce oxygen and modify the habital conditions and climate to be increasingly human friendly.

-Excerpt from ”History of the IGCC

As part of a new company the idea of colonizing more planets and even extract resources from them grew larger and within the span of not even 100 years the new company had grown to be one of the largest actors across the entire galaxy, mainting several colonies and managing resource extraction and excavations on countless planets.Over the years the IGCC corporate expanded the number of branches and by now also include their own private army and security forces, InterGlobe Security Forces (IGSF), all resource extraction and excavation crew belong to their subsidiary InterGlobe Extraction Unit (IGEU) while all maintenance and research personell remain in the main IGCC branch.



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