10. Monsters

[Table of Content]
10.1.0 – Speciemen 8
10.1.1 – Monster Rankings
10.1.2 – Hierarchical Rankings
10.1.3 – Orientation Rankings
10.2.0 – Bosses & Officers
10.2.1 – Primary Boss Modifiers
10.2.2 – Secondary Boss Modifiers

There are a large number of different monsters in the world of LBKR with varying combat styles, waiting to destroy you. The maps are flooding with common monsters to ensure a fast pace and action packed game experience and you’ll often encounter monsters of greater ranking with a more powerful set of skills.


10.1.0> Speciemen-8


The monsters of Loot Burn Kill Repeat are extremely disfigured creatures, both human and alien, due to a mysterious infection that spread across the planet. The infection act much like a parasite lifeform that feed on other life, the victims quickly lost most or all brain activity but yet kept moving as the infection rather brutally disintegrated the victim’s organs and replaced them with new organs of a matter that looked similar to mushrooms. The infection is believed to be infectuous by small airborne spores that are inhaled by it’s victims, the monsters brought forth by the disease are therefore called Spore Mutants, or Spores for short.


The parasite had been discovered frozen in perma-ice on one of the planet’s glaciers and were beeing researched upon by the IGCC research teams under the project flag ”Speciemen-8”.


10.1.1> Monster Rankings


Each monster have two sets of rankings, Hierarchical ranking which is partially randomized, and the Orientation ranking that are predefined for each monster. The amount of Shards and the chance of rare item drops are calculated both by your Rare Drop Modifier stats and the Hierarchical ranking of the monster that you’re facing.


10.1.2> Hierarchical Rankings


  • Common monsters are the regular footsoldiers with no special bonuses unless buffed by monsters of greater rankings.
  • Champion monsters are slightly more powerful than the minions, they have greater armor, deal more damage and have up to 2 random primary modifiers
    Champions often travel in packs, so encountering 3 – 5 champions at the same time is not uncommon.
  • Master monsters are an extension of the champion and deal even more damage, have up to 4 random primary modifiers and one secondary modifier
  • Unique/Rare monsters are just as the name tells, either unique or very rare. The rare or unique monsters (bosses excluded) have the same bonuses as master monsters but have a certain chance to drop unique or exquisite items.
  • Bosses, these monsters use predefined skill and vital values but are in general alot more powerful than all other monsters. They are also given up to 5 primary modifiers and a secondary modifier.


10.1.3> Orientation Rankings


  • Swarmer – this is a collection of monsters with really poor stats and skills, they can be a threat in larger groups though. They don’t decide on much while in combat and don’t pay much attention to their current condition, even when near death.
  • Balanced – the most common ranking, while the monster’s stats are balanced in general, each monster has unique stats and skill values.
  • Defensive – monsters are most common amongst the ranged attackers, they will try to stay at safe distance from you and are usually more aware of their health value than other monsters and more keen to escaping if they are severely wounded.
  • Agressive – usually deal more damage and run faster than the balanced monsters, but have less health
  • Tough – monsters can take quite a beating before falling. They may not always be the strongest ones around but are stubborn and won’t escape, and are rarely scared away by the player.


10.2.0> Bosses & Officers


p_guardian02Higher ranking monsters are usually given a random amount of primary modifiers, in a range determined by their hierarchical ranking. These modifiers can be thought of as bonus attacks or defenses. The modifiers are assigned by random when the monster is summoned and most of them can be identified by reading the text label under the monster’s name.

Do note that as your character’s level increase, the monsters will become more powerful aswell.


10.2.1> Primary Boss Modifiers



  • Haste: Monsters with the haste modifier receive a 50 – 75% movement speed increase
  • Grenadier: Explosive projectiles are continuously thrown toward your character’s position, dealing much damage if you don’t avoid them.
  • Knockback: The knockback modifier allow the monster to throw you away from itself and causing you to suffer a mini-stun effect.
  • Punisher: Monsters under a punisher effect will gain a base damage buff of 7.5% that’s multiplied by the monster’s level and also inflicts an additional 10 % of it’s attack damage as shock damage
  • Mending: The creature will heal itself and any nearby allies at regular intervals
  • Shielded: Affected monsters gain an extra armor
  • Strong: A percentual increase of the monster’s health and attack damage values
  • Swift: A percentual increase of the monster’s accuracy and dodge rating
  • Tormentor: The monster is surrounded by a fire pit and leaves a trail of fire as it move around the map.
  • Vengeful: Killing the monster will make it explode and will damage you severely if you’re close
  • Shocker: Attacking the monster may cause it to eject shock projectiles
  • Prober: The monster summon small probes that shoot laser beams that rotate 360* over time, dealing damage to your character if you stand inside the beam
  • Agitator: The miniboss buff the damage and armor skill of all nearby monsters as long as they’re in range
  • Bloated: As the monster receive damage they may eject a small toxic cloud that can cause poison damage over time if you stand inside it’s area of influence

btn_square710.2.1> Secondary Boss Modifiers


  • Depths: 2% attack damage bonus and 5% attack rating bonus
  • Reaping: 4.5% health bonus, each attack made by the monster will steal health from it’s victim to restore the monster’s own health value
  • Suffering: The monster will reflect part of the damage it receives back onto it’s opponent
  • Brutality: 10% Attack damage bonus
  • Clever: The Clever modifier increase the intelligence and combat awareness of the affected monster
  • Horde: Up to 4 minions in the monster’s pack get stronger
  • Perseverant: The monster receives a 9% health increase and all of it’s attack cooldowns are decreased by 8% of their duration
  • Toughened: Slight bonus to the monster’s health value and a 20% increase of it’s armor rating
  • Demanding: The player character’s Energy is drained for each attack the monster successfully cast on the player



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