Map Layoutsbg_wta01

The majority of the maps (world levels) in Loot Burn Kill Repeat are loaded with a random map layout, giving a greater replayability value and a more varied game experience when revisiting a map.

Your character progression and game state is automatically saved each time you enter a map but can also be saved manually with the game menu. However, if you save and close the game in the middle of a map your character will be moved back to the map entry point when loading the game again, due to the layout randomization.

Master Monstersbg_wta01

Throughout the game you will encounter master- and champion monsters, aka. mini-bosses. Apart from the monster’s stats values beeing greatly increased they are also given a random amount of special attacks and/or buffs of random type. You can read more about masters, champions and monsters in general here.

Arena Eventsbg_wta01

Each chapter of Loot Burn Kill Repeat contain a number of arenas of varying difficulties, rewards and opportunities. The arena’s are part of the map layouts and therefore all arena’s can’t be discovered on a single play-through, and most of them offer a good reward so exploring the maps could be quite useful. You can read more about arenas here.



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