Are you having trouble playing the game? There are currently a few console commands that can help fix some simple issues, if you can’t find a solution for your problem in this page feel free to send me an email describing what’s happening.

To open the console in-game, simply press the ”Insert” key on your keyboard. Do note that all commands are case-sensitive and should be typed as is read on this website or the in-game help window.

[If you’re having a problem that cannot be solved by these cmd’s, feel free to post a comment below and describe your problem]

Console Commands>


Manually validate the mission database. If the mission database is corrupted it will be repaired in the process


Manually validate the achievment database. If the achievment database is corrupted it will be repaired in the process.


Returns the name of the nearest active world chunk.
The name returned is useful to me if you send a bug report in order to narrow down where and why the bug occured.


Returns the active map’s Build Index.
Helps alot when trying to debug an issue that’s strictly bound to a single map.


Prints the time that has elapsed from the moment that the active map was loaded


Prints the total time spent playing with the currently loaded character


Teleports your character to a known ”free-space” location, usually most recently activated resurrection probe, or map access points. This command is useful if your character gets stuck inside world geometry





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