Releasing 2.28

This version of Loot Burn Kill Repeat took a while to get in shape, but it’s finally time and alot of nice udpates are shipped with it! I’ve also decided to release it one day before the set release date as I noticed that tomorrow (14th) is valentines day… didn’t think of this earlier, and […]

New Gameplay Trailer

I’ve created and uploaded a gameplay trailer for Loot Burn Kill Repeat. I’m afraid my video-editing skills are not so very well developed but I did as best as I could! 🙂   [youtube]

Approaching Release 2.28

Loot Burn Kill Repeat v2.28 is estimated to be released during week 7 of 2018 (ie. A week from when this post was made.) To start fading in the new build I’ve posted the new Update Log that can be read here. The list of known issues has been updated with accurate issues for the […]

Dev. Log. 2.28.6

Hello everyone! Happy new year, even though I’m almost an entire month late- it’s been a busy month though! I can’t quite recall what I wrote in the previous dev log of LBKR so if in case I repeat myself, I do apologise. As for the 2.28 release of LBKR, I believe it’s close- could […]

Dev. Log 2.28.5

Since last time I wrote an article here, I’ve been quite occupied with moving. Me and my spouse built a house that was finished in the end of November so we’ve had our hands full so to speak. Never the less, I’ve still managed to do some progress on LBKR’s development- although, I’ve not quite […]

Dev. Log 2.28.4

The more I get done on v2.28 the more I realise that it’ll be a really large update, and more things that require my attention keep poping up! The development of v2.28 has now entered it’s third month and since a few weeks’ve passed since my last update on the progress, I’ll try to fill […]

Dev Log 2.28.3

Progress is going on as strong as usual with LBKR, although I haven’t felt that there’s been much to show up until now, as alot of time has been spent on bug fixes, coding the final boss behaviour and creating world chunks for the final chapter, which has already been shown in previous posts! For […]