Blades & Chunks

I’ve had a lack of time to work on LBKR the past two weeks but there has been little progress atleast! To start with, there are now 2 new exquisite weapons named ”Sovereigns Bane” and ”Spine Moiler”, accompanied by two new super modifiers. Sovereigns Bane will steal health from your character, when it has stolen […]

Bumpy ride & AI Updates

I’ve received several messages and mails about the Main Menu GUI doesn’t work if playing v2.26 in fullscreen mode on Linux. I don’t know what cause this issue but I am looking into it and will make sure to release an update as soon as it’s sorted out! Perhaps your curious just what I’ve got […]

Releasing 2.26

So it’s finally time to release LBKR 2.26! There are 449 changes / improvements / new implementations for this release and 138 bugs have been fixed in total, but to avoid posting a wall of text I’ll just summarize some of the more important stuff. The game can be downloaded by visiting the LBKR website’s […]

Small Updates

I’m still spending alot of time play-testing 2.26 and fixing bugs as I go along, but I’ve still managed to mash a few new stuff in the last week aswell! To start of somewhere, the UI has been further updated, this time with a new Loading screen and as the game is saved a hint […]

Dev. Report #11 – 2.26

I’ve been spending quite some time, updating my custom tools and editor extensions in order to keep them compatible with the changes I’ve made to some game mechanics and game logic managers that I’ve modified rather heavily for 2.26. Therefore I haven’t had very much to post about… well except mentioned editor updates but I […]

Quick dev. report

Just wanna keep you guys up to speed, I’ve worked alot with implementing the world chunks and new chapters and making them reachable in the game, the last week. Also I’ve added even more world chunks, some new world events and items. While working with the world events for these new chapters I’ve come to […]