Loot Burn Kill Repeat 2.30 Dev. Log 1

Hello again, time fly by and all of a sudden it’s been nearly two months since my previous post. Due to that I guess it’s high time for a new update regarding the development of Loot Burn Kill Repeat. Next version will be 2.30, it will also be the first version of the game released […]

Dev Report 2.29.2

I’ve had a few weeks of bug-fixing since the last article I wrote, and I’ve managed to fix alot more than I actually expected to do. Fixes aside, I’ve also gone ahead and implemented a minimap, which was a feature I had originally intended to add for the 2.3 release but meh- why not now? […]

Dev. Log 2.29.1

Time for a recap. Been some time since the release of v2.28 but work immediately continued to push v2.29 toward release- introducing even more new content, but most importantly the 2.29 release will fix the poor performance caused by physics calculations! A bug that appeared slightly in v2.27 at first, but turned to the worse […]

Releasing 2.28

This version of Loot Burn Kill Repeat took a while to get in shape, but it’s finally time and alot of nice udpates are shipped with it! I’ve also decided to release it one day before the set release date as I noticed that tomorrow (14th) is valentines day… didn’t think of this earlier, and […]

New Gameplay Trailer

I’ve created and uploaded a gameplay trailer for Loot Burn Kill Repeat. I’m afraid my video-editing skills are not so very well developed but I did as best as I could! 🙂   [youtube https://youtu.be/8wQfoWhgvEE]

Approaching Release 2.28

Loot Burn Kill Repeat v2.28 is estimated to be released during week 7 of 2018 (ie. A week from when this post was made.) To start fading in the new build I’ve posted the new Update Log that can be read here. The list of known issues has been updated with accurate issues for the […]