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User Interface Updates 2.27

The user interface of LBKR has once again received a major overhaul, in order to provide a better overview of all information necessary to the player.

ui1_profilesStarting with the main menu, now displayed in a style more similar to the rest of the game’s UI, all buttons in the profile selection window has been expanded to reveal more information about each character like among other things, your character’s level and in what game mode you’re playing. (Hardcore or normal mode) .

ui2_creatorThe character creation windows is less clutterish. On top of that all character classes have received their own icon to more properly separate them. I will also add more detailed information on each character’s benefits in the next update (2.28)

Upon selecting a profile you are just as always moved to the game menu. It has been compressed into a more compact layout fitting a single UI panel at the center of your screen. A new addition to this menu is the small News feed window on the lower left that show featured news. The news in this window can be updated at real time by me from the LBKR website hence giving the player a better chance to stay up to date with important or interresting info and updates.


ui4_optionsThe game settings window has been updated, while there are no new settings to adjust all setting categories are now displayed at once, giving you a better overview of your settings at once.

Some other windows that have a new more compact layout but have maintained their core functionality are the in-game menu, player log & tutorial hints panel.

Likewise is for the Character Profile window however, all info displayed now have tooltips that describe it more in detail.

ui6_abilityIn the ability list window, abilities are now controlled by directly selecting one of it’s attack modes, this window still have some changes left to be done for the next update as I find it to leave far too much dead space pretty much everywhere.


The mission window now display both the mission briefing and the objectives-list all at once and many bugs have been fixed regarding window updates.


The Bounty Keeper’s UI display work quite the same as it has used to do, although the contract items that can be purchased with Bounty Marks have been replaced by new item types which you can read more about in the ‘New Content’ update page.
Furthermore the player’s active contracts have been moved from the mission list window to it’s own window, set up in the same color scheme and layout style as the Bounty Keeper window.

ui10_inventoryThe inventory window is probably the window that has received the most changes, but the most important ones are the item list, that is now an actual list instead of the old-school square-grid like system. As items are damaged and reach a durability rating below 50% a small durability-bar will appear under the item’s icon, to easier identify which items are in need of repairs. Repairing items work as earlier by either speaking to a merchant or using a Field Kit on the target item.

ui11_dialogueLast but not least, the in-game NPC dialogue window has been enlarged and each option is now placed inside the window under the specified categories, services will allow you to access a merchants inventory or other services they provide, under the missions category you will find all missions currently available or in progress, given by the NPC and under the conversations category all available dialogues are shown.

The conversations category is a new addition and is not yet fully implemented, only a few combat-zone NPC’s make use of it however, the way it’s set up allow NPC’s to only shown certain dialogues during certain times throughout the game, which will come very useful to allow NPC’s to provide extra instructions, info or hints regarding a specific mission or event.