[Known Issues]

Known issuesbg_wta01

[2.29]: If changing from Coloss to Elemental-Puppet summoning mode the player can still summon only one puppet at the time (Player Class: Puppeteer)
-[2.29]: Light Globes are rendered in the minimap camera
-[2.28]: Audio assets not assigned to an audio preset mixer will not be affected by the users audio settings
-[2.28]: Some ragdolls have become very jittery due to recent performance optimizations regarding physics calculations
-[2.28]: V-Sync setting is not saved/loaded when manipulating it’s value through the Options menu
-[2.28]: Blood stain decals are sometimes not reset during map transition
-[2.27]: Off-hand items are not positioned correctly if carrying a one-handed ranged weapon
-[2.26]: A world chunk in Med. Labs [Chapter 1] does not hide some geometry of second floor when the player is on the first floor, this is a result of some recent culling-optimizations
–[2.26]AI: Allied NPC’s often loose track of their enemies despite the enemy standing right in front of them
-[2.26]AI: Monsters will run past all NPC’s allied to the player if they know where the player is
destroyed between his decision was made and the time he reach the hatch
-[2.26]UI: Item tooltips are not enabled while browsing items in the player’s stash

Fixed issuesbg_wta01

-[2.28]: Maps of chapter 10 sometimes use a very long time to unload on map change [Fixed in 2.29]
-[2.28]: The ice-blocks surrounding monsters that are frozen solid are sometimes not disabled when the effect has ended [Fixed in 2.29]

-[2.28]: Loot Button color is not reset to it’s default value if the button was selected when the DisableAllHints() event is called [Fixed in 2.29]
-[2.25]: (Ranged)AI might get stuck while moving to a new position if it is trying to get some distance between itself and the player’s character [Fixed in 2.29]
-[2.27]: Memory allocations with a heavy impact on performance detected in the Wildland maps (Chapter 6), due to physics and goremap-system [Fixed in 2.28]
-[2.21]: Playing in full-screen mode at resolution 1680×1050 seem to ‘cause inproper mouse cursor behaviour [Obsolete in 2.28, unable to reproduce bug]
-[2.25]: Some environment traps in Ch1 Med Labs and Ch5 Bridge, deal wrong damage types [Fixed in 2.28]
-[2.26]AI: Mashers sometimes break out of execution-mode if they decide to charge the player at the same time that they are entering the execution mode [Fixed in 2.28]
-[2.26]: The Charisma skill may receive a negative value if debuffed by an Ancient rune that hold the ”Neglect”-penalty [Obsolete in 2.28]
-[2.26]: Main Menu GUI does not respond to mouse clicks when playing the game in fullscreen mode on Linux OS [Obsolete in 2.28]

-[2.26]: Some items that was collected before v2.27 may pull wrong mesh, this is due to some changes done to the item system [Obsolete post-2.27]
-[2.26]: Camera input is not disabled while the user is typing in the console’s text area
-[2.26]: The Cryptic’s Carrier ability is broken [Fixed/Obsolete in 2.27]
-[2.25f1]: Bounty contract list is not updated if the mission/contract window is opened by speaking to a mission giver [Obsolete in 2.27]
-[2.26][Fixed 17/04/31]AI: Once the Machinist has decided to enter an utility hatch he will do so, even if the hatch was destroyed between his decision was made and the time he reach the hatch
-[2.25f1][Fixed 17/04/31]: Blueprints do not add the ”Already Known” string for it’s tooltip if you’ve already learned the blueprint
-[2.25f1][Fixed 17/04/17]: The player character may fall through elevators/platforms if attacking with the equiped weapon while the platform’s moving
-[2.25f1][Fixed 31/03/17]: Consuming the final item in a stack will not activate the cooldown overlay image on any other items of the same type in the inventory window
-[2.26][Obsolete]: Armor piece ”Ranger’s Cap” collected in earlier game versions will have the wrong mesh rendered

-[2.26][Fixed 26/02/17]: Player character sometimes fall outside the map boundaries if performing an execution action on a monster that’s standing to close to a wall.

-[2.22][Fixed 26/02/17]: FPS Drops detected when the player kill a monster summoned by another monster’s attack-list
-[2.25][Fixed 26/11/16]: Changing some of the Game Options while in-game may result in a crash or annoying bugs.
-[2.25][Fixed 14/11/16]: Some collectibles that are active in the previous map are not unloaded when the next map is loaded
-[2.12][Obsolete as of 29/10/16]: The mob count displayed when approaching a zone portal sometimes show wrong monster count due to some miscalculation
-[2.22][Fixed 16/10/16]: All map locations are available from the travel station after the game difficulty is increased for the first time (ie. first game completion)
-[2.22][Fixed 16/10/16]: All missions are available in Secure Command after the game difficulty is increased for the first time (ie. first game completion)
-[2.24f1][Fixed 1/10/16]: The Drop Item button inside the inventory window is only visible when a weapon is selected
-[2.24f1][Fixed 10/10/16]: Blueprints that are rewarded from mission completions are not moved to the player’s inventory when the mission’s turned in
-[2.23][Fixed 26/09/16]: The ”Critical Hit Chance” stats holder object (seen when viewing the Character profile – Stats Window) always show a value of 0.0
-[2.22][Fixed 25/09/16]: The ”Linh Tux” helmet display wrong item icon
-[2.22][Fixed 16/09/16]: If the last known location of a player character were the map ”Secure Command” the ”Chapter” tooltip in the main menu would display ”-2” as the current chapter
-[2.22][Fixed 11/09/16]: If the player’s moving when starting a monster execution action the PC’s legs will still keep running
-[2.22][Fixed 11/09/16]: The player character’s torso sometimes won’t start the next animation after an ability has been cast
-[2.22][Fixed 06/09/16]: Game Option configs are removed when a new game version is installed / started for the first time
-[2.12][Fixed 28/07/16]: Out-dated Enhancer(NPC/Shop) UI window
-[2.12][Fixed 28/07/16]: Jittery ragdoll physics for the ”Brute” monster’s corpse