Dev. Log 2.28.5

Since last time I wrote an article here, I’ve been quite occupied with moving. Me and my spouse built a house that was finished in the end of November so we’ve had our hands full so to speak. Never the less, I’ve still managed to do some progress on LBKR’s development- although, I’ve not quite […]

Dev. Log 2.28.4

The more I get done on v2.28 the more I realise that it’ll be a really large update, and more things that require my attention keep poping up! The development of v2.28 has now entered it’s third month and since a few weeks’ve passed since my last update on the progress, I’ll try to fill […]

Dev Log 2.28.3

Progress is going on as strong as usual with LBKR, although I haven’t felt that there’s been much to show up until now, as alot of time has been spent on bug fixes, coding the final boss behaviour and creating world chunks for the final chapter, which has already been shown in previous posts! For […]

Dev. Log 2.28.2

Work on LBKR continues as usual, been putting together alot of world chunks for the final chapter, currently there are 25 chunks game-ready but alot more to be done! I’ve created the primary minion that the new player class ”Puppeteer” will be able to summon, it’s a puppet (… who could’ve guessed? 😉 ) The […]

Dev Log 2.28.1

I seem to have made a habbit out of beeing silent for a few weeks between each post, I won’t throw in any excuses though instead, let’s try to catch up on what’s been going on the past week and check out some of the new stuff that will be implemented into the next version […]

2.27 has arrived!

Loot Burn Kill Repeat v2.27 has just been released. Major UI changes has occured for this version, read more about the changes here There’s also alot of new content in the new version, some of which you can read about here The game is as usual released as free to play and can be downloaded […]

Expanding the world

The last three weeks development of LBKR have resulted in multiple UI updates, a modified bounty contract system, additional monsters and world chunks! I feel as if I do lots of changes for the in-game UI, but it’s not for nothing- I did some thinking and felt that alot of my UI windows weren’t very […]