Expanding the world

The last three weeks development of LBKR have resulted in multiple UI updates, a modified bounty contract system, additional monsters and world chunks! I feel as if I do lots of changes for the in-game UI, but it’s not for nothing- I did some thinking and felt that alot of my UI windows weren’t very […]

Another sign of life

I’m sorry for the relatively infrequent updates lately but as it’s soon time for vacation (and as more or less every construction site of the company I work for aim to be done before the vacation…) I’ve been working quite a few extra hours a day so I simply haven’t had much energy left to […]

Blades & Chunks

I’ve had a lack of time to work on LBKR the past two weeks but there has been little progress atleast! To start with, there are now 2 new exquisite weapons named ”Sovereigns Bane” and ”Spine Moiler”, accompanied by two new super modifiers. Sovereigns Bane will steal health from your character, when it has stolen […]

Bumpy ride & AI Updates

I’ve received several messages and mails about the Main Menu GUI doesn’t work if playing v2.26 in fullscreen mode on Linux. I don’t know what cause this issue but I am looking into it and will make sure to release an update as soon as it’s sorted out! Perhaps your curious just what I’ve got […]

Releasing 2.26

So it’s finally time to release LBKR 2.26! There are 449 changes / improvements / new implementations for this release and 138 bugs have been fixed in total, but to avoid posting a wall of text I’ll just summarize some of the more important stuff. The game can be downloaded by visiting the LBKR website’s […]

Small Updates

I’m still spending alot of time play-testing 2.26 and fixing bugs as I go along, but I’ve still managed to mash a few new stuff in the last week aswell! To start of somewhere, the UI has been further updated, this time with a new Loading screen and as the game is saved a hint […]