[Update Log: 2.27]


-New monster attacks(2)
//New attack: Heal > heals nearby monsters
//New attack: Jailer > Entangles the player, while the player can’t move he/she can still cast attacks though [Miniboss modifier]
-Each time the AI takes a decision it now loops through all it’s attacks and reads the preferred attack range. If the player is closer than the average distance the monster will try to move away from the player (This was already done, but with a fixed preferred range variable. It proved to be troublesome if the AI had both melee and ranged attacks.)
-The AI now reevaluates the situation in combat and decide which attack to use more dynamic than before
-Mobs ‘Blink’ attack now also heal the monster slightly
-Implemented navigation zones, a handler that help AI navigate to the players position if the player is off-grid [Pathfinding]
-Pfc. Banner’s conversations are now modified, depending on the player’s progress through the world event [Chapter 3 event – Assistance]


-Added music tracks.
//Med. Labs discovery [Chapter 1]
//Oxygen Processing discovery [Chapter 2]
//Maintenance discovery [Chapter 3]
//Bridge & Logistics discovery [Chapter 5]
//Wildlands discovery [Chapter 6]
//Caverns discovery [Chapter 7]
//Highlands discovery [Chapter 8]
//Desola Station discovery [Chapter 8]
//The Hive discovery [Chapter 9]
-Changed UI click-event sound effects


-Reduced the monster levels for Hard game difficulty
-Increased plasma cost for the Flamethrower
-Increased the damage of the Soldier’s ”Bash” ability
-Increased the Mission reward’s Difficulty modifier value (rewards increase by 200% per difficulty setting)
-Increased the Mission reward’s Chapter modifier value (rewards increase by 110% per chapter)
-Cooldown of the Barrage ability has been increased [Cryptic]
-Increased weapon tier modifier [Item Generation]
-Increased difficulty stats modifier [Item Generation]
-Increased player hitbox size
-Ancient rune penalty ”Weight” has been reduced to 25% movement speed reduction
-Reduced Ancient Rune Penalty ”Duality” to only steal 2.5% of inflicted damage from the players energy vital


-New player minion [Demon]
-New player minion [Fishman]
-Optimized AI attack classes
-New input added: Dodge, the player character will roll in a direction, useful for evading traps or monster attacks. The Cryptic will warp instead of roll on the ground
-The Cryptic’s Barrage attack now fire six projectiles with a total spread of 90 degrees
-The Cryptic’s Barrage attack has been changed all over, and also received several new attack-modes/enhancements
-The Cryptic’s Carrier attack has been replaced with the old Barrage behaviour (target-seeking projectiles)
-Removed the attack hit/miss calculations that were rolled after each attack made by the player. All attacks cast by the player will now hit it’s target as long as the target is hit physically in the game world
-There’s no longer any need to place health vials in your quickbar, you can consume vials automaticly by pressing the H-key (As long as you have any vials in your possession.)
-Removed the player character’s flashlight, this was a deprecated feature from an early development stage that has simply lingered
-2 new mission
//Distress Signal [Ch5 – The Bridge]
//Hunters Homework [Ch9 – The Hive]
-6 new world events
//A Call for Help [Ch.3 – Armory]
//Choke Point [Ch.3 – Armory]
//Wall Breaker [Ch.3 – Maintenance]
//Crumps Demise [Ch.4 Crew Quarters]
//Ambushed Checkpoint [Ch.5 – The Bridge]
//Fanatic Priest [Ch.9 – The Hive]
-11 new item super modifiers
//Sacrifice [Item Modifier] > Degenerates health over time, but when 100 % of your health has been stolen by the item Nan-Ma’altxuuz spirit is awakened
//Torment [Item Modifier] > Monsters that come closer to the player than 3.3 meters will start to bleed for 2 – 5% of your damage rating
//Multi Healer [Item Modifier] > Restores health each time you are rewarded with a multikill bonus
//Streak Foot [Item Modifier] > Increases your move speed for a short while after each kill streak bonus you are rewarded
//Head Hunter[Item Modifier] > Chance that a random exquisite item is dropped when you kill a master-ranked or greater monster
//Blood Gift[Item Modifier] > 5% chance that a demon is summoned when a monster is killed by the player
//Authority[Item Modifier] > Killed monster officers create a frost nova, dealing frost damage to all nearby monsters
//Nova[Item Modifier] > When taking poison damage there’s a 20% chance to cause an explosive nova dealing 150% of weapon damage as Fire DMG
//Teeth[Item Modifier] > Chance that toxic teeth are ejected in all directions when taking damage
//Necroiaculat[Item Modifier] > Chance that monster corpses fire projectiles toward nearby monsters, when a monster is killed
//Blaze[Item Modifier] > The player character leaves a trail of fire, dealing damage to anyone entering the trail
-9 new item modifiers
//Cooling > Reduces the cooldown of all your abilities
//Contractor > Earn additional bounty reputation/xp for every third monster you kill
//Greed > Monsters drop more shards when killed
//Shurikane > Chance that shuriken is automaticly cast when recieving damage [Cryptic only]
//Flame Rooted > Entangle also summons a fire pit that inflict fire damage over time [Cryptic only]
//Erupting > Erupy ability will summon 2 demons that fight by your side [Soldier only]
//Stung > Stinger ability deal additional damage [Tech only]
//Chained > Chain Strike can hit 2 more monsters per use [Cryptic only]
//Puppeteer > Minions summoned by you gain increased damage ( 25% – 200%, determined by modifier tier)
-4 new achievments
//Scarce Population II
//Exquisite Cutlery
//Exquisite Plating
//Helping Hand

Graphics & Visuals(11)bg_wta01

-Added impact FX for the Hypoxia’s main projectile attack
-Improved projectile impact FX systems
-Improved the blood splatter textures & FX
-Improved common explosion particle systems
-Improved some of the animations used for the Soldier’s abilities
-Improved some of the animations used for the Cryptic’s abilities
-Improved some of the visual FX used for the Cryptic’s abilities
-Replaced the particles emitted when the Player character levels up with a new particle system
-Improved the particle system that plays when a void walker dies
-Synced all AI attacks, sound fx, particle systems and damage is now applied at the desired time instead of when the attack animation starts to play
-Increased start speed of the Beam-projectile weapons

User Interface(6)bg_wta01

-Added new ”class”-icons that are representing the player class of your character
-Improved character profile window
-Updated the Log list window
-Improved Hints & HUD
//A debuff icon appear on screen when the player is stunned
//A debuff icon appear on screen when the player is entangled
//Whenever a minion is summoned a meter will now appear to tell you how much time’s left of the minions lifetime
//Improved travel icon hint
//Improved the shards/credits icon
//Improved XP icon
//By pressing the ”Achievment unlocked” hint, the achievment list will pop up on screen and load the target achievments content
//New & less chunky kill-tracker hint
-Improved inventory & shop UI windows
//Items in the inventory now show a durability-bar, representing the item’s current durability
//Selling an equiped item or favorite-marked item now triggers a confirm-action pop-up panel, to prevent mistakes
//Selecting an item in the shop now reveals full tooltips and descriptions of the item
-Added missing UI icons for the Tech’s Proximity Mine ability (Modifiers)

Game World(10)bg_wta01

Improved geometry of world chunk ca_turn05 [Chapter 3b – The Armory]
-Improved geometry of world chunk br_turn01 [Chapter 5 – The Bridge]
-Much more of the game environment is now destructible
-8 New monsters
//Ronald Crump, Maker of Great [Unique]
//Pierced Mouldy of Fortune [Unique]
//Fanatic [Unique]
//Bekzial [Unique]
//Nest Keeper [Unique, mission bound]
//Destroyer of Walls[Unique]
//Captain Barkley[Unique]
-5 new weapons
//Laser Sword [Common]
//Sovereign’s Bane [Unique sword]
//Blood Gift [Unique Dagger]
//Spine Moiler [Unique Club]
//The Authority [Unique Club hammer]
-8 new armor pieces
//Skull Charm[Unique Off-hand]
//Spaulders of the Void[Unique Shoulder guard]
//Skull of the Patriarch [Unique Helmet]
//Scavengers Lantern [Unique Off-Hand]
//Gorestreak [Unique Trousers]
//Gloves of Blaze [Unique Gloves]
//Summoners Rib Cage [Unique Chest Plating]
//Tormented Bag of Headaches [Unique Helmet]
-1 new consumable item
//Callstone [Unique consumable set]
-Cookie Bag armor piece is now a common item drop [Previously Bounty Gear]
-Coil gun is now a common item drop [Previously Bounty Gear]
-34 new world chunks
// 1x [Ch.2 – Oxygen Processing]
// 10x [Ch.3 – The Armory]
// 10x [Ch.5 – The Bridge]
// 7x [Ch.6 – Wildlands]
// 3x [Ch.7 – Caverns]
// 3x [Ch.8 – Highlands]


-New damage member: Entangle/Imprison > The character will be unable to move but can still attack for a short period of time
//Optimized parts of the player ability actions that earlier consumed alot of memory over time
//Optimized gore/blood framework
//Optimized AI instruction behaviours
//Optimized AI attack behaviours
//Optimized object pooling
//Optimized Log/Journal data management
-Implemented new game setting: World Detail, it controls the amount of detail objects / destructibles that will be active at runtime, this feature will be improved in next update
-New console cmd: /sequencer: – handles screenshot sequencer settings
*/sequencer:true >The screenshot sequencer is enabled
*/sequencer:false > The screenshot sequencer is disabled
*/sequencer:fps.x > Sets the screenshots to take per second while the sequencer is enabled, where ‘X’ is the value
*/sequencer:duration.x > Sets the duration during which the sequencer will continuously take screenshots, where ‘X’ is the value


AI Fixes(6)
-Fixed issue with the meteor projectile damage ignoring the player character [AI Attack]
-Player minions will no longer get stuck while attacking destructible environment, if the player moves to far away it will resume following the player character
-Fixed issue with the monsters ‘Blink’ attack sometimes pushing the monster outside the map bounds
-Fixed issue with the Hiding Soldier’s dialogue not beeing updated as the Lock n Load event ends [Chapter 3]
-Fixed issue with the Machinist continuing to hide in his utility hatches despite all hatches beeing destroyed
-The miniboss modifier ‘Bloated’ now properly deploy gas clouds if the monster is hurt

Unsorted Fixes(8)
-Fixed an issue with the Options menu not updating the physics quality from the saved config file when opened
-Fixed issue with shuriken projectiles [Cryptic ability] pushing static colliders, resulting in large memory allocations
-Fixed issue with the Cloud bot’s tooltip telling that it will only deal physical damage
-Fixed a memory leak that occured each time a monster corpse was enabled in the game world
-Repaired broken Pathfinding grid for an instance of the Hive [Chapter 9]
-Fixed issue with both access points in the last section of Oxygen Processing leading to the Maintenance chapter [Chapter 2]
-Main Menu music track is now playing when the game starts again.
-Elemental Wall ability should no longer play any SFX when the damage zone is closed

User Interface Fixes(4)
-The item modifier tooltips are now rendered properly when the mouse cursor is hovering above the modifier icon in the inventory screen
-Fixed issue with Rune tooltips having underscores included, making them hard to read
-The Stash UI is now properly aligned to the inventory, independent of screen resolution
-Fixed issue with some attribute tooltips that were supposed to return the value in percentage instead returned the value as 0.0

Graphics/Visuals Fixes(2)
-Fixed issue with one of the Hypoxia monster’s attack, shooting projectiles that were not facing the AI’s target
-Fixed issue with the elevator access point of Maintenance boss room beeing invisible until the Machinist has been killed

Game World Fixes(4)
-Added missing geometry to chunk ca_triway04 [Chapter 3b – Armory]
-Added missing door in one instance of Oxygen Processing [Chapter 2]
-Removed invalid goremap colliders in chunk ox_triway08_ar [Chapter 2 – Oxygen Processing]
-Fixed issue with a extendible bridge/platform in chunk ca_turn05 [Chapter 3b – Armory] not beeing extended when activated

Gameplay Fixes(12)
Fixed issue with runes not taking damage and never breaking
-Increased collider size of the Shuriken projectiles in order to achieve better hit detection
-Fixed issue with the exquisite item ”Santa’s Oxygear” always failing the drop-roll when the chest it’s hidden in is opened
-Fixed issue with some AI bots not ignoring line of sight calculations if not necessary
-Issue with ranged weapons sometimes not beeing able to pull projectiles has been fixed, if all existing projectiles are unavailable a new projectile will be instantiated
-Fixed issue with Ancient Rune Penalty ”Duality”, keep stealing energy from the player even though the energy bar beeing completely drained
-Bounty contract rewards are now increased accordingly as the player rise in bounty ranking
-Fixed a bug that made it possible to respawn in Secure Command in case you died before you had managed to collect the portal device [Mission 01]
-Minions will now teleport to the resurrection probe when you respawn after death
-The ‘Ghost’ bounty contract will no longer count void walker kills if the kill was due to the monster falling off from a ledge
-Fixed issue with the Machinist boss disappearing if the player dies during the boss encounter
-Fixed issue with the game freezing if using the portal device while inside the ‘Secure Command’ or ‘Secure Outpost’ maps




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