World of LBKR

Here you can get some deeper information on the world of LBKR and how it works.


  1. IGCC & The MPF

The InterGlobe Colonization Corporate. sx4-Multi Purpose Facility ( or IGCC MPF ) is a station deployed by IGCC on the (fictionary)planet (410143)Sindre, where Loot Burn Kill Repeat’s main story line takes place…

2. Forsaken Voids

The planet Sindre were long ago inhabited by a civilization called the Forsaken, they were intelligent creatures that had advanced social and hierarchical standings…

3. Monsters

There are two main factions of monsters lurking around the world. The first and most common faction are all kinds of creatures that have been greatly disfigured due to a mysterious infection…

4. Randomization

The majority of the maps (world levels) in Loot Burn Kill Repeat are loaded with a random map layout, giving a greater replayability value and a more varied game experience when revisiting a map.